I am a Seattle WordPress & Front-end Developer. I have 7+ years experience working with clients both large and small. I provide responsive front-end development and custom WordPress websites.

Tech and Tools


  • WordPress
    • Theme Development
    • Plugin Creation
    • Custom Functionality
  • Front-end development
    • HTML
    • CSS
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • LESS
    • Javascript
      • jQuery
      • Twitter Bootstrap
      • React
      • WP-Rest API
    • Php
      • Twig/Timber


  • Git
  • Composer
  • Grunt
  • Agile
  • Jira

I am a true fan of the www because it’s in a state of constant growth. To understand the capabilities of web-based platforms one must be a practitioner, a daily doer, an inveterate inventor.

I’ve been working with color, images and text since 1992 when I discovered Mac and Photoshop 2.5. The relationship to play had me hooked, and in 1994 I received my AA with a focus on graphic design.

When the digital revolution exploded in the late 90s I jumped in and taught myself how to construct intuitive websites. Working predominately with musicians, visual artists and entertainment interests, it was like the Wild West – anything was possible – and I’ve never lost that sense of adventure..

In the spring of 2009 I went back to school to update my technical and coding skills, receiving an AS in Computer Technology. As a freelancer, my current client roster runs the gamut from a boutique hotel in Costa Rica to a foundation for the research and treatment of brain injuries. I am nothing if not diverse.

I have many complementary passions and foremost among them is music. As a recording and performing musician, I like to play with all the crayons: I write, sing, play guitar, produce, engineer, and design album covers and CD inserts – using both original photography and web-based graphics. I’ve toured the coast numerous times; I’ve produced music for film projects. I also collect vintage gear and can restore and repair tube amps. My tinker’s heart awakens to any puzzle.

My strength as a developer lies in the fact that I have both left and right brain talents. I have an artist’s eye and an engineer’s methodology. I haven’t lost the sense of wonder. I know anything is possible.