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Frontend Developer

I am a Seattle area developer who has been delivering high quality responsive websites since 2011. I love to help make ideas and visions a reality through coding and the development process.

Work Examples

Housewright Gallery

Housewright Gallery

Seattle Chocolate

Nobl Food

Nobl Food

Thunder Road Guitars 2

Thunder Road



Virago Gallery

Virago Gallery

Shelly Cove website

Shelly Cove

Villa San Ignacio

Villa San Ignacio

Cellarity website


Health Information Network

Health Info Network


Emerald City Guitars

Emerald City Guitars


Chris and Rick Talk Guitars

C&R Talk Guitars


Carolyn Zick


Crossroads Music

All Things Lavender

All Things Lavender

Tools and Tech

I am always looking to explore new and exciting things. Some of the tools and tech. I work with:


Html5CSS3JavascriptWebpackGit/BitbucketREST API


LiquidShopify CLIThemekitTheme Building


phpCPTACFPlugin creationThemes

For Fun Stuff

Fender History Quiz

Fender Guitar Quiz


Simple multi-answer Fender guitar trivia quiz built using ReactJs and Wordpress REST API.

Which guitar? Quiz

Which Guitar Quiz


Another nerdy guitar quiz. Built with simple Javascript and Wordpress REST API. Weighted answers provide a profile based on guitar characteristics and tally things up at the end to determine and display the best guitar for that profile.

Guitar Tuner App

Guitar tuner app


Dirt Simple Online Guitar Tuner built with Javascript and HTML. I've got a dozen high tech tuners around but I still use this all the time.

About Me

chris cline

I am a true fan of the www because it’s in a state of constant growth. To understand the capabilities of web-based platforms one must be a practitioner, a daily doer, an inveterate inventor.

I’ve been working with color, images and text since the late 90s when I discovered Mac and Photoshop. The relationship to play had me hooked.

When the digital revolution exploded I jumped in and taught myself how to construct intuitive websites. Working predominantly with musicians, visual artists and entertainment interests, it was like the Wild West – anything was possible – and I’ve never lost that sense of adventure.

In early 2009 I went back to school to update my technical and coding skills, receiving an AS in Computer Technology. As a freelancer, my current client roster runs the gamut from a boutique hotel in Costa Rica to two world class vintage guitar shops. I am nothing if not diverse.

My strength as a developer lies in the fact that I have both left and right brain talents. I have an artist’s eye and an engineer’s methodology. I haven’t lost the sense of wonder. I know anything is possible.

A little More About Me

In addition to being a developer I am a guitarist/songwriter/singer and home recording engineer/producer. I have payed guitar in and fronted numerous Seattle bands. I collect and refurbish all sorts of vintage musical instruments and gear. I have scratch-built many guitar effects pedals and tube amplifiers. I have a Chihuahua named Cisco and two cats, Stanley and Bell.

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